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Boston \ New York CityI have developed and launched three brands + one newsletter in the past decade, each one more successful than the previous (thankfully -- the first one wasn't great).

WORK WITH MERequirements for every brand I work with:
* Products must spread joy & humor
* You must promote sustainable manufacturing
Hire me to design your:
* Scalable Business model
* Loud go-to-market strategy
* Compelling brand
If you're making cool stuff, let's chat.Email: farleyty@gmail.com

Things I've Created:

Sex with me is like...
Coming Soon (Spring 2024)
The improvised card game that will probably be banned by Target.


Improv at Work
Launched April 2024
the tools of improv comedy 🤝 business -- in a weekly newsletter* Grew to 1300+ subscribers in two months
* Successfully grew paid media acquisition to $.88 CPA
* Featured in Best Newsletters and Newslettrs

improv at work comedy improv newsletter soft skills

Better Than Belts
Launched August 2019
Suspenders for the modern human. Made in New York City. I ran this full-time for 2 years with my sister. I still fulfill orders every week.Notable Achievements:
* Ran two successful Kickstarters
* $110K+ in revenue
* Covered in The Boston Globe


Crooked Trail
Lauched June 2015
Inspired by brands like Kiel James Patrick, I wanted to design and develop my own clothes. This became my testing grounds for marketing and allowed me to get free tickets to many conferences such as Forbes 30 Under 30, HubSpot's Inboud, and more.
Shirts, hoodies, hats, coasters, leather bracelets.
Notable achievements:
* Utilized print-on-demand services before they were cool